Here at Copy Plus, we can supply your small business or home office needs. We provide in-house service printing, and next-day ordering for nearly any office supply.

What We Do
We live in a world where business is always on the go.  One of the most essential aspects to any small or medium size business’s success is making sure you get what you need, where you need it, whenever you need it.  With Copy Plus we offer a wide array of shipping options to keep your business moving.  Having the option to ship with both UPS and Fedex, Copy Plus makes these companies compete for your business.  When you ship with us, you know that you are getting the best possible service, at a competitive price.  Let us handle your logistics, so that your business can have more time to focus on what makes it great.  Copy Plus is here for you and all your personal and business needs.  
Living up to what our name suggests, Copy Plus offers a wide array of printing options.  Our services include black and white printing, color copies, and wide format copying in either black and white, or color.  We at Copy Plus want to furnish all your printing needs.  It doesn’t matter if it's one page or thousands, we are here to help you.   You don’t even have to drive to drop your project off anymore.  Just email your project to info@copyplusnow.com, and it will be ready when you come to pick it up.  Save time, money, and effort.  Let Copy Plus be your business's printing solution. 
Office Supplies
Success in business requires you to be prepared and have all the resources required to get the job done.  At Copy Plus we have all the resources and office supplies your business might need to help it continue to succeed.  If you can’t find what you are looking for on our store shelves, you can browse www.iteminfo.com  which has over fifty thousand items to choose from.  Items will be shipped overnight, and at no additional cost.  When it comes to office supplies, Copy Plus has you covered.
Add a professional looking, protective layer over all your important documentation.  Lamination is just another service that Copy Plus provides to it its clients.  We can laminate nearly anything.  From a business card to a banner, you will have the peace of mind knowing that whatever it may be is protected from stains, unintentional tearing, wrinkling, and will have an even greater level of professionalism to its appearance. 
Scanning and Faxing
Take your company digital with Copy Plus’s scanning and faxing services.  You can turn all your important documentation into digital copies.  Your office will become more efficient, and more organized as you reduce the use of paper documentation.
Business Solutions/Design  
At Copy Plus we pride ourselves on being a fully functioning business service center.  Our prime objective is to come up with new and innovative ways to help your business stand out, grow, and continue on its pathway to excellence.  We offer a wide arrangement of products and services including NCR forms, custom invoices and purchase orders, professionally designed menus, trifolds, brochures, spread sheets, and custom made business cards to help your business stand out among the best.